Product description :

– It operates with a cental cylinder and with own gravity circulation of oil.

– The grab is very popular for new generattion bulkers, prefered instead of electro hydraulic grabs in order to avoid the cable drum system and grab stabilizer on the crane jib, without any addditional electric supply and consumption of fuel by generators

– It operates with a battery and a remote control unit, without  any motor, pump, electricity supply, cable drum, stabilizer and etc.   
– It does not require cable drum system, grab stabilizer on the crane jib. 

– It can be attached on to the hook of any kind of crane and the handling of the load can be started. 
– It can be controlled through remote control unit up a distance of 100 metres.  

– It can be used for handling of every type of bulk cargo and it is the most efficient and economical and efficient grab type.

– Prefered instead of Electro Hydraulic Grabs,  bulk carrier owners recenly hooses that type of grab due to efficienct, less pare parts, performance, speed, basic structure and etc..    

– More than 5.000 units have been manufactured between the years of 2004 and 2016 and almost all of them have been exported.About 1.000 vessels have our grabs on board

– This type of grab constitutes 75% of the total production capacity our company

– It is produced in sizes ranging from 2 m3 up to 50 m3. All the design and the patent is registered for Natural Grab 

– Please watch the “videos" of our grab in the bottom of this page