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About Us

Our intention of being the first and the permanent preference of our customers have brought with it the objective of being the best of the sector continuously.  To have a customer portfolio that has been spread around the world in general at the position we are in at the moment and to see this gradually becoming widespread, creates a picture that makes us proud.

Our goal of catering for the requests and expectations of our customers at higher levels continuously through the effective and trained participation of our workforce has been continuing increasingly and will continue within the sector that we provide our services. Therefore, believing in the continuous development principles for our goal of decision taking, application and provision of services for this purpose together with the expectations of the sector and with our customers would be sufficient for the explanation of the position we stand.

We bring in the technology together with the creativity and the unique skill of the human being.

The fact that these diggers, where all the parts are manufactured in Turkey, have a user group that had spread around the world is the indicator of the confidence that exists for our products and this makes ourselves proud. .. And we feel honoured that you share this pride with us.